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Introduction & History

Yoka Games is the first company based in mainland China that lives and breathes table top games. The company is focused on the design, development, marketing and operations. Yoka Games offer a wide range of products, mid to hard core board games, educational, puzzles, casual, etc. Our distribution channels span across the world, covering both domestic and international.

With the phenomenal "War of the Three Kingdoms", Yoka Games offer more than just the table top platform, the game is offered across multiple digital platforms as well namely, web, PC, mobile and many others.

The originally created "Murder Mystery" series and other carefully crafted games have been well received, Yoka Games have also established a professional table top game information platform in the form of an APP "Table Game Circle".

Yoka Games integrates industry resources, cultivates industry talents, promotes the development of the board game industry with tangible actions, and remains determined to create“China's largest social entertainment platform”.

We welcome any potential business ideas or collaborations, please drop us an email at

  • 《Distribution》
    Comprehensive worldwide distribution channels. We offer a one stop solution to have your games being showcased through our comprehensive distribution channels.
  • 《The Battle of Kings》
    Currently with War of the Three Kingdoms.We strive to increase the number of participants from other countries to take part in this International Tournament.
  • 《WODC》
    World Original Design Contest of Board Game. We are looking for Party, Children, Family, or Strategy Games that can be play tested.
  • 《BGM》
    Board Game Market is hosted by the board game magazine "Table Games"The inaugural BGM was held at the Shanghai World Expo from December 15th to 16th,2018.
  • Series Role-playing game is one the most mysterious and popular boardgame, in the exchange to obtain information, find the hindden truth in the player’s killer.
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